Nilar Frozen foods Co.,Ltd

Nilar Frozen foods Company have established on 2018.

Nilar frozen foods company is the subsidiary of Nilar holdings, who's humble beginning started in 1960(History), since its beginning it has always been a family-owned company. Over the years the company has thrived and now been taken care by the second generation.

Our participation into the industry comes no surprise due to our prior involvement in agriculture industry since 2010. United Nilar agriculture company, first introduced harvesting services to the farmers then we were the first company to introduce bio fertilizer, after that we also started our own farming.

As our involvement in the industry grew so was our desire to achieve premium for our produces, so we set out to look for value added prospects. That is when Nilar Frozen foods was formed to transform our produce into value added products.

Our Vision

To promote Myanmar Famous Agricultural products to others countries and distribute frozen foods to Local Market.
To be able to give more opportunity and more knowledge to farmers and local citizen about high quality frozen foods
To be the best agricultural frozen foods company in Myanmar

For over 8 years we have been developing digital solutions for companies looking to gain better visibility on the internet.

We produce the Frozen fruits and vegetables according to seasonal crops.

Export our products to Asian Countries.

We are donating use 2% of the annual profit as children’s education, health, transportation and sociality & environmental controlling of the local people.


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